who we are

Brad e Rosa Maria

Brad and Rosa Maria, was married for destiny. Ministry, Marriage and Family. We continue to fulfill God’s plan for our lives. We both know that Jesus is the most important thing in our life.

Our family and our ministry
together is the purpose of our marriage.
As we travel together in the nations and
around the United States we are carrying
the life changing power of God. Both
Rosa Maria and I function in the Prophetic
anointing caring the vision of the fivefold
ministries in our hearts. Rosa Maria is a Nationally born Brasilian, and is involved in many facets of the ministry that God has commissioned both of our lives to fulfill. Traveling, interpreting, and preaching in Both Portugues and English, God is using her to help me to fulfill the calling that came to me in 1984, when Angel appeared to me and spoke “Take Healing Waters” to Latin America. Since that time I have been faithful to the heavenly call! Extensively traveling together as a team preaching with sign, and wonders and miracles following.


Our mission continues the same.

Our mission continues the same. Raising up a mighty army, multi- denominational of every tribe, nation and tongue. Raising up many

generations in the power of God. Teaching and preaching the uncompromising word of God, not with enticing words of mans wisdom but in demonstration, of the Spirit and of Power. Through our website, ministry conferences and preaching events we are continuing our mission.

Visit our Podcast “Church
of the Last Day’s” on Charisma Podcast Network. Along with all
the other podcast platforms, such
as Apple, Google, and Spotified. Enter our store for book’s and others merchandise. Experience
the Manifestation of the Glory of God through Communion taught
by, Brad Flook in his book “The Manifestation of the Glory of God” (eventually have a link to book)

Our Vision and is to raise up the fivefold ministries. Help the church “Find it Grace, Fit into place and Run it’s Race” Together we can make an impact in the nations and carry the Glory of God around the world.

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