Vison that Brad Flook had in 1983


I was worshiping God in my apartment at Rhema Bible Training Center. I was singing “God is so Good” When I beheld the Glory Cloud on the ceiling rolling back and forth. I asked the Lord “what is this” He said to me “This is a foretaste of my Glory” I was absolutely mesmerized and said “Lord, if this is a foretaste I want to see the real thing”? I was taken up into the cloud and Jesus began to say to me. In the 1950’s I restored the Evangelist to the Body of Christ my church built the Pentecostal Church. In the 1960’s I restored the Pastor to the Church and my body thought it was the Charismatic Church. In 1970’s I restored the Teacher to the church and the church called it the Word of Faith. In the 1980’s I will restore the anointing of the Prophet to my body but the Church will call everyone a prophet and build schools, churches and ministries in the name of the prophet and miss the whole point.Get ready because I am going to restore the Apostles anointing to my body in the 1990’s. Of course everyone will be call Apostles, Bishops, and again, they will miss the point. The Fivefold ministries is a manifestation of the fullness of the Godhead body. “The Manifestation of the Glory of God.” 

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